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Accommodation and activities in Rovaniemi

We are providing idyllic accommodation and also great traditional Lapland activities for our guests.  In addition, our guests have access to our sauna facilities.

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Pose with the Siberian huskies 

(500m + photographing)

One of the earliest uses for a dog has been to keep it as a draft animal. For hundreds of years dog sleds have been used as a means of transport in the Arctic. Hunters, seal hunters, fishermen and later also the post office, police and border guards used this reliable means of transportation often in difficult circumstances.

Get this great experience in a husky sled! Our routes go through magical forests and you get to enjoy the silence while our guide is driving the sled. We will stop in the forest so you can get amazing photos with the sled and great memories of your ride.

After the ride you can enjoy some warm juice by the open fire and learn more about these charming, purebred Siberian Huskies. I bet that after you have met the huskies of Metsähirvas you will not be surprised why they are one of the most loved animals of the north!

Wood forever

When the Forest Guard School was established in the village of Hirvas, Rovaniemi, Lapland was a completely different place. For centuries, the northernmost area of Finland has lived out of its forests, and so the forest college in Rovaniemi, in the village of Hirvas, remained open until 2004, when the activities were closed down. Some years later it was opened as Hotel Metsähirvas.

So, if you have ever wondered what it would be like living in Finland in the good old days when the trees were cut down with bare hands and a simple handsaw, you can now experience it! Enjoy the feel of old Lapland with our professional guides and the surroundings of an old forestry school.

We will make a monument by traditional methods, using an old-fashioned handsaw. After the sawing, you can then burn your own text to the side. After it is ready it will be placed at the school’s memory lane with the other monuments. Wouldn’t it just be awesome to come back after a few years to see the monument you once made yourself by hand?

Handling huskies 

(2 km husky ride +harnessing)

The Siberian Huskyis a native of Northeast Siberia. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries the Eskimos, indigenous people living in the area, used dog sleds as means of transportation. 

In this activity you can experience the old way of transportation and get memorable moments and thrill of speed sitting pulled by a husky team! The dogs love running from the bottom of their hearts. I am sure that you can see it, too, from their happy faces and eager howling’s.

Our guides will show you how the dogs are prepared for the safari and you even get to try the harnessing yourself if you like! While the others are enjoying their ride, you can warm up by an open fire with warm juice while our guide tells interesting stories about our lovely dogs.

After the safari you'll get to know the other residents of the kennel, and the dog team who offered the ride is also ready for some kisses and photos.

Asking for Ahti´s treats

In prehistoric Finland fishing was the main industry and now you are able to experience how good of a fisherman (or a woman) you are! The local guide will give you hints and tell stories about fishing, while you can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hotel Metsähirvas.

Because the river is frozen, the activity starts with drilling a hole in the ice. While waiting the fish to bite you will hear how the locals live here and what fishing really means for Finnish people. You will also learn about Ahti, the god or possessor of water in Finnish folklore and ancient religion.

White dreamland

Snowshoeing has moved humans for thousands of years; it is an even older invention than skis. With snowshoes you can experience the enchanting
nature in a way not possible by feet or skis.

Come and join a walk in Lappish sceneries! Breathe the pure and fresh air and let your senses rest. We will walk to Laavu, an ancient canopy-like building used in the terrain, warm up by an open fire and drink some warm juice. Our guide has interesting stories to tell while the fire nicely warms you up. Just a perfect way to enjoy the nature!

Survivor of Hotel Metsähirvas

Ever wanted to take part in the well-known tv-show, Survivor? Now you have a good chance to learn how to live in the wild and see how you would cope in that series!

Because Lapland is quite far from everything the locals have been forced to know all the basic skills to survive in the nature of Lapland (at least in the old days). Are you ready to experience something truly amazing?

Our local guide will teach you all the necessary skills, from building a fire to eating and drinking from nature. What an adventure! In the end, one of you will be nominated to be the Survivor of Hotel Metsähirvas and receive a little trophy. 

Let the adventure begin !


Did you know that Lapland is all about the contrasts: summers are bright and winters are dark? In the summer, the sun does not set at all and in the winter, the sun barely comes up. Another fascinating fact, in Finland the air is cleanest in the world. Come and experience it while hiking in the most beautiful nature.

Let’s go for a walk in the forest! While hiking our guide will tell you about the beautiful nature of Lapland and you will understand what nature really means to Finnish people. Breathe the fresh air and calm yourself in the silence of nature. During the walk the guide will take photos so you will have a lovely memory of this trip. What a perfect way to explore Finland and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Hotel Metsähirvas!

Winter fun day

Want to get the same feeling as when you were a child and there was no television or internet? Here in Finland it meant that everyone was playing outside with each other, having the best time ever! This activity is ideal for families and for everyone who wants to have a taste of pure fun outdoors.

We have gathered you several things, so you can get great memories of this unforgettable day. We have a toboggan slide, which is probably one of the funniest things to do in winter! Also, you get to build your own snowman, try some kick sledding and skiing with old fashioned skis. The day can’t get any better than this!

Come and join us in this unforgettable day and share it with your loved ones.

Chasing after the Lights

The Northern Lights have always been amazed and even feared. There are many folk stories associated with this mystical phenomenon. Come and be surprised with the stories and this beautiful sight. Lapland is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights, and while hunting them, you can enjoy the most enchanting surroundings!

First, you will have a ride from the hotel with the sled in the forest. Then you will be given snowshoes to put on and you will walk with them through the forest to Laavu. It feels wonderful to warm up by an open fire in the nature and enjoy the stories our guide is telling us. 

What a perfect evening!

Tempting the fox

Did you know that the Northern Lights are associated with a fox? In some old stories a fox rubs its side in a mountain and it makes sparks fly like the Northern Lights in the sky. Come and learn more about these wonderful stories!

Experience this magical activity with our professional guide and a charming husky, who also will be entertaining you. While hunting the Lights, you can spend time with the husky and give some kisses to it.

Depending on the weather, maybe with moon, stars and even the Northern Lights lightening our way in a snowy-white nature, we will walk to Laavu, where you can warm up by an open fire. We will make a stick bun over the fire, an old-fashioned Finnish treat + hot chocolate and campfire coffee. Doesn’t it just sound amazing, you can eat these delicious treats while – if we are lucky! – admiring the wonderful lights of the sky.

The Magnificent Mystery

The emergence of Northern Lights has long been a great mystery to mankind, but thanks to advancement in science, we now have a comprehensive understanding of the origin of the Northern Lights. Come and find out this mystery and take wonderful photos while solving it!

We will drive to a viewpoint, where we have the best chance to see the Northern Lights. If Lapland’s magic is on our side, we may admire the fascinating lights while enjoying the traditional barbeque. 

What a perfect way to end the day!

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