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Our traditional Lappish activities in Rovaniemi are family-friendly. Our riverside sauna and hot tub can be reserved for private use.

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Our winter activities 2022-2023 (starting 1.12.2022)

Pure amazing mushing husky experience, 10km

Small group

For hundreds of years dog sleds have moved people around in the Arctic. Hunters, seal hunters, fishermen and later also the post office, police and border guards used this means of transportation,since it was reliable also in difficult circumstances.

At this joyful escapade you get to drive your own husky sled in the pristine forests. By the open fire, finnish treats and stories about the charming huskies fill your day with laughter and joy.
I bet that after you have met our huskies you will not be surprised why they are one of the most loved animals of the north!


Before teh departure, our guide will give you instructions on how to control the sled. Are you ready the adventure? Pick up and drop off is included to this activity.



Minimum of 2 persons paying the full price


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Wood forever

traditional handicrafts

History of Hotel Metsähirvas is entwined with trees and forests right from the beginning. During the Russian rule forest guards were schooled here to look over the Tsar’s lands. Later a forest college operated in the building where we now have a boutique hotel.

This afternoon you can experience how it was to live back then. We will make a wooden artifact from scratch using only traditional methods. This experience engages all sense fields as no machines are used. Immerse yourself in the process and enjoy learning something completely new!



Minimum of 2 persons paying the full price


Dancing Northern Lights with huskies

Long husky ride by night

Huskies love running from the bottom of their hearts and they need a lot of exercise to stay happy and healthy. This long husky ride takes you through snowy white wilderness as the moon, stars and if lucky - the northern lights guide your way in the arctic night.

You get to be in charge of the dog team and drive the sledge to “kota”. In this lappish shelter a finnish barbecue is set up on an open fire and one can relax while listening to the stories about huskies and northern lights before starting the journey back to the hotel.




Minimum of 2 persons paying the full price


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Asking for Ahti´s treats

Ice fishing with a guide

In prehistoric Finland, fishing was the main livelihood. Now you can experience how good of a fisherperson you are!

The activity starts with putting on snowshoes, heading to the frozen river and drilling a hole in the ice.  While waiting for the fish to bite you will hear how the locals live here and what fishing really means for Finnish people. You will also learn about Ahti, the god or possessor of water in Finnish folklore and ancient religion.


While warming up by an open fire, you get to enjoy hot juice and treats! Pick up and drop off is included to this activity.


Minimum of 2 persons paying the full price

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White dream adventure to a magical island

snowshoe trip

Snowshoeing has moved humans for thousands of years. It’s a means to get to places one otherwise couldn’t reach in winter.

Imagine an island on the river. Island where trees, plants and animals have always flourished without human interference. By snowshoes you get to immerse yourself in the surroundings without disturbing wildlife and breath fresh air. Take shelter at “laavu” where the guide makes a fire and have a mug of warm berry juice.




Minimum of 2 persons paying the full price

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Survivor of  Metsähirvas

learn survival skills with professional guide

Arctic North is a land full of beauty but the conditions can be very harsh. Life nowadays is maybe easier than it used to be, but still most of the locals know the basic skills to survive in the wild.

Our guide will teach you how to best build a fire in demanding circumstances. You will learn how to find things to eat and drink in nature. At the end of the day only one will be nominated to be the Survivor of Hotel Metsähirvas and receive a little trophy. Let the adventure begin!




Minimum of 2 persons paying the full price

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Magical meetings 

Snowmobile trip to reindeer farm

The day starts from the miraculous Santa Claus Village, where you will hop on a snowmobile and head to a reindeer farm. You will learn to steer the snowmobile and enjoy the thrill of speed safely.

After the excursion you will have plenty of time to explore Santa's village. There are several things to see and do, the most important thing being meeting Santa! Our driver will pick you up at the end of the day and take you back to the hotel.


Departures: Thursday

Ask more from reception!

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Picture: Michael Mead

Winter fun day

outdoor day for families

Ever tried skiing with traditional forest skis? This great outdoor day offers a variety of winter fun to try out! Find your best technique on the toboggan slide or build a snowman. In winter there are so many things to do outside. This activity is ideal for families and for anyone that wants to have a taste of pure fun outdoors.


Come and join us on this unforgettable day and share it with your loved ones.




Minimum of 2 persons paying the full price


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Chasing after the Lights 

Auroras with snowshoes

The Northern Lights have always been amazed and even feared. There are many folk stories associated with this mystical phenomenon.

This late evening trip starts with an exciting sleigh ride from the hotel to the starting point. You will be given snowshoes and the guide will walk you through the dark old-growth forest to a lean to shelter. In the heart of the forest crackling of the fire is the only sound you hear. In the bright cold night you might spot a greenish glow starting to expand on the horizon, quickly taking over the whole sky.




Minimum of 2 persons paying the full price

The magnificent mystery 

Aurora car hunt

The emergence of Northern Lights has long been a great mystery to mankind, but thanks to advancement in science, we now have a comprehensive understanding of the origin of the Northern Lights. Come and find out this mystery and take wonderful photos while solving it!


We will drive to a viewpoint, where we have the best chance to see the Northern Lights. If Lapland’s magic is on our side, we may admire the fascinating lights while enjoying the traditional barbeque. What a perfect way to end the day!




Minimum of 2 persons paying the full price

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Traditional Lappish Evening

Sauna and ice swimming


A must do on your trip to Finland! Let the warmth of our traditional sauna melt away all aches and cold in your body after the long day outside. A hole in the ice with wooden ladders waits for the brave to plunge in. It is believed

that a dip in the icy water has many health benefits.



Only thing we can guarantee is the euphoric

feeling afterwards!




Minimum of 2 persons paying full price

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Riverside Sauna

Our large sauna with a terrace is located by the river.  We rent the whole sauna and outdoor hot tub for private use. You can bring your own drinks and dishes to the sauna if you wish.

The sauna and its lounges can comfortably accommodate up to 15 people.



Additional hour 50€


Price includes preheating the sauna and outdoors hot tub.
You can bring your own towel to the sauna or rent it from the hotel reception for 5€ per towel.