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Restaurant Saihu


Restaurant opening hour:

Breakfast 8-10


Bistro menu:                                       Pizza menu:

Tue-Sat 18.00-21.00                         Thu-Sat 18.00-21.00

Sun-Mon Closed                                Sun-Mon closed


Our menu includes moose, by courtesy of a local hunting club, and fresh meat from nearby producers. Berries, mushrooms and spruce pickles are freshly picked and prepared on site. We also take special diets into account. 

Our restaurant also hosts private events. The cozy dining room seats up to 80 people. We always tailor the menu according to the nature of the event and customer's wishes with the utmost respect. Ask for a quote: info@metsahirvas.fi.


Bistro menu

Summer classic / 8€

Tomatoe-mozzarella salad (L-G)


Coutryside skewers / 17€

2 chicken skewers with veggies in season, potato wedges and cold eggplant roll(L-G)


Saihu boat / 17€

Filled eggplant with minced meat or avocado sauce, fries(L)


Chicken basked / 10€

5 chicken filed with french fries and house mayonnaise (L)

Metsähirvas burger (L) 12€

                    with fries      16€


Makkaraherkku (L,G) /10€

Traditional Finnish street food, deep fried sausage pieces and fries


Tapas by Tamer  12€

Feta filled eggplant rolls, served cold (L,G)


Saihu ice-cream

1scoop 5€

2scoop 8€

Pizza menu

1. Minced moose meat, smoked reindeer, lingonberries



2. Ham, pineapple, aura-blue cheese



3. Red paprika, red onion, pineapple, rucola




4. Fantasia / 4 toppings



 gluten free base +2€

extra toppings 1€/

tuna, salami, pepperoni, garlic sauce, garlic, ham, pineapple, blue cheese, red paprika,

red onion, minced moose meat, rucola, smoked reindeer, lingonberries, smoked pork, olives,

feta, shrimps, mozzarella, mini tomato, mushroom